Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Remixing Mystory

My guiding instruction for my final poetics posts actually comes from my Julien section.

“The general who wants to win the battle and the painter who wants to capture the landscape must not acquiesce their inner desire and force it upon the world, rather they must observe the tendency of the world itself and locate the points at which the world’s tendencies converge with their own.”

Essentially, don’t try to control the production of felts, but rather wait to receive them. This point coincides with the final point from the first post of my poetics using the topic modeling software: electracy is interested in the unconscious fluidity of experience.

Intersperse moving and still images in your experiment because each genre conveys a unique relationship to time. In addition, don’t try to control the flow of events in a filmic felt as you won’t really know what you have made until it is finished and you notice how the disparate moments you originally focused on have been reconstituted by their relationship to the whole film.

Although we have focused mostly on visual felts throughout the semester, I don’t see a reason why we can’t use audio in our production of felts considering that music is perhaps the most visceral form of artistic expression and one that we also happen to share with other animals.

From this, I am going to produce a short video/photo montage experimenting with some of the slow motion techniques mentioned in The Cinematic as I circulate back and forth between the temporal registers of still and moving images. In this way I hope to hold true to my instruction that “there is something of the still that is only discernible in its relation to the moving.”

Since it is important to “observe the tendency of the world itself” for this part of the experiment, I will spend most of my time in the editing phase so I can test out a variety of compositions and note the serendipitous juxtapositions that arise from the technology itself. I’m not sure what images to use for this project. Perhaps the Community and Career sections, using moving images for Career and still images for Community which might work to formally reflect my conception of these aspects of my life. My career is moving forward, constantly changing and adapting to circumstance while my community remains the same, in the past.

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